The Geographical position is centered on the Red Lighthouse at the end of the new breakwater.
Capitaneria di Porto Lungomare Matteotti,1 SAVONA The zone of competence is from CERVO (Excluded) to VARAZZE (Included) They are in charge for COAST GUARD Service too.Radio Listening on Ch.16 VHF Marine Band,from 0800 am to 0800 pm.

Commissariato Porto Matteotti n.3 17100 Savona

Savona Harbour is a deep cove shaped,wedging for 1700 mt about from his actual entrance.It is well sheltered Northerly by an high and rocky coast,which fall quickly into the sea. The harbour pattern it develops on the axe SW - NE along the lenght. Entering the harbour,we meet firstly the HIGH DRAFT DOCKS on the left side, just behind the new breakwater.It is a late achievement and should be yet completed shortly.Going on the entrance,we'll meet the tall construction of Cereal Silo,on the left hand,just behind the old breakwater.After leaving the under billows pier on the right hand with 1 green lighthouse there will be the 'MIRAMARE'Pier with 2 vertical green lighthouse.On his back there is the 'CABLEWAY ESTABLISHMENT' where berth the 'ORE CARRIERS'. A little bit inside,between Cableway Pier and the coast,there is a small dock for Yachts.Just in front of this Establishment it disclose the 'NEW DOCKS'. At last,after all,the 'OLD DOCKS',in other words the Ancient Harbour, where starts from the History of Savona.On the left hand,before entering the 'OLD DOCKS' there is a very tall building,which is the 'CAR SILO' and just in front of it there is the 3rd of 3 Towers saved by injury of times and men. It is devoted to LEON PANCALDO,a famouse seafarer,who is one of the most loved sun of the city.The access to the port,finally,is possible with any quite kind of weather conditions.

The original center of the village was castled on the headland and joined to mainland by a thin isthmus.The city of Savona delivered itself to the history,officially around the year 205 b.c. during the 2nd Punic war,when the General MAGONE,brother of HANNIBAL,had the necessity to fix a base for his troops and his fleet.Around the year 1000 a.c.,the original cove of the ancient dock started to develop with new structures and works. On that time Savona was a dominion of a noble blood family so called Marquises DEL CARRETTO.On the beginning of the XV century Savona's merchant fleet was crossing the Mediterranean Sea rivaling with the near Genova.They were allied but soon they become bitter enemies.They fighted longer and hardly but Savona was finally defeated.The consequences were very awful:the harbour was filled with earth and all the outer walls were demolished.One of the peculiarity was the great number of towers alongside the walls.Unfortunately only 3 of those towers have had the chance to arrive today. Only in the Napoleonic era the city had a rebirth.Trades and wealths had again new life when Italy was reunified on 1861 and a new epoch was disclosing for Savona.New heavy industries,railways and works in the harbour,allowed the city to grow.This growth,it seems to go on todays,notwithstanding the rivalry with the Genoa still oppressive.


The harbour is well sheltered from the most violent seas coming from South-West and South-South-West by the capes of Noli and Vado. It is unsheltered from East and South-South-East quarters. Prevailing winds are coming from North and South.Normally they don't exceed the speed of 30/35 knots.A good lee is offered by Vado Road.

Tide's level difference is normally about 30 cm.Sometimes it exceed this value in the case of bad weather with association of rough sea, high pressure,and strong wind from North,reaching a difference of 50/60 cm. The current is poor;its speed is 1 ml/h and bound SouthWesterly,outside the harbour waters so to affect not berthings;it flows parallely to the coast.

As any city laying on the sea,Savona enjoys a mild climate.The temperature rarely reaches values below the zero,the medium rate during winter time is 5;occasionally it happens to have a snow fall,but this not affect the life in the city.During Summertime the temperature can reach 30.