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Portnet is the Internet connection to Italian Harbours.
Directed by the PORTNET ITALIA group it includes the harbours of: Savona, Genova, La Spezia, Livorno, Napoli,Taranto and Ravenna.
Portnet offers various information services concerning these harbours. With the assistance of the maritime offices of "Avvisatori Marittimi" 24 hours daily, the following services are availble:
Up to date news concerning movement, arrival, and departure of ships.
Technical, services and operations data about the harbours.
Meteorological reports concerning local and worldwide conditions.
Various other complimentary services are also offered.

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PORTNET ITALIA Soc.cons. a r.l.
P.O. Box 90 57100 Livorno Italy Tel/Fax:+39-586-811875
Operative offices: SAVONA tel.+39-19-821452 GENOVA tel.+39-10-2471015 LA SPEZIA tel.+39-187-501031 LIVORNO tel.+39-586-811875 NAPOLI tel.+39-81-5590949